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Informed Opinions

I have had the pleasure of hearing Shari Graydon, Media Action, speak on a few occasions. This last January I attended one of her workshops and I cannot stress how helpful it was.

Let me back up though and speak to the sheer awesomeness of Shari Graydon. She is a well-known feminist journalist and media expert. She’s also an award-winning author. Informed Opinions is really meant to get women to respond to media requests for expert opinions as authors of op-ed pieces and other articles.

After enrolling in the Informed Opinions workshop, I had three separate op-eds published. The op-eds added to my usual commenting on gender issues or the upcoming Canadian election ( #elxn41 ). One of the things that I have noticed is that my students and people in the community have responded favorably to my presence in and outside of the #UVIC university community.

There is something particularly endearing hearing from friends, community contacts and my students about the op-eds. Given my life-long learning commitment, it’s only expected that I or other educators offer our “informed” opinion about pertinent matters. Frankly, as an academic I think that this is part of being a public intellectual.

Graydon’s project speaks to the need to have more women speaking to public matters. And, I thank her for her work in this respect. If you look at the daily newspapers, you will notice (hopefully) that there is a dearth of women writing op-eds and cited as experts. Without belaboring this too much, I do suggest that you look at Graydon’s work. Here is a link to one of the latest blog posts. http://tinyurl.com/3p6olfc

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