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Adding Extras to Your Presentations

I try to add some moments of levity to my course lectures. This might mean a joke, meme or a series of funny slides. I do this for several reasons, but now I’m at the point where I enjoy it and try to find ways to ensure that I have these moments. I think it humanizes the topic and allows the students a laugh or smirk at my sense of humor.

I might also add some Easter eggs in the syllabus–asking the students to send me a photo of a kitten, chihuahua or include some song lyrics. It also allows me to find out who is reading the syllabus closely. Plus, after two decades of teaching, it keeps me on my toes to think about adding some fun photos to slides or syllabus.

Below, I include an image of the awesome athlete, Coco Gauff. I think I’ll use this and note that Coco thinks you should go to office hours. Note that Shaun Botterill is the photographer.

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