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Tenure Tracks in Higher Ed

I’ve been thinking about my job lately. My thoughts were published yesterday in the University Venus and via Inside Higher Ed. You can find them here: http://tinyurl.com/3qq2gls  I’ve been quite pleased with the response and the conversations that I’ve had on the site, over coffee and on Twitter.

People agree that the abuse of contingent (part-time) faculty is problematic. Essentially, they are under-paid and overworked. This really causes a hierarchy in higher education where research focused faculty rise to the top and the teaching focused faculty are the one with the increased face-time with students. Now, I’ll be the first person to defend teaching. However, this hierarchy normalizes research and makes teaching appear as the least important aspect of the job. I argue that both are important and make a difference within higher education. I will also admit my frustration and almost anger, when I hear colleagues dismiss teaching. My current colleagues aren’t guilty of this, but I have heard it on this campus or others where I have taught.

We need to think about this more. As I noted via Twitter, there are no easy answers. However, the dual stream will work on some campuses and I’m in a good position that works for me, my department and I’d argue for my students.

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