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Fri Fun Facts

In the continued spirit of sharing quirky thoughts, here goes another Friday Fun Facts.

1. I am going to Comic Con in San Diego this month ( #SDCC11 ) with @pipsipirate and lots of other people. No, I’m not dressing up in a complete outfit or uniform. Yes, I might take my Gryffindor polo. I’m going as a Participant-Observer. I’m going to get more information about fandom studies for my Poli 433: Politics and Popular Culture course. Fun.

2. I am also going to BlogHer and this will also be in San Diego, but in August. Again, I’m looking forward to a work related event to network and have opportunities to learn more about women and technology. I am hoping to offer a new course in 2012 or 2013 related to Social Media and Politics. I don’t have the snappy title worked out yet, so it’s currently SMP in my mind.

3. Since I really dig my job a working “vacation” is not a problem. I’m going to two conferences for research, teaching, learning and network. Not too bad!

4. I was really lucky that the Western Political Science Association’s 2011 meeting in San Antonio, TX coincided with the annual Popular Culture conference in the same city. I attended panels related to Young Adult literature (Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight), as well as other panels related to Pop Culture and Politics. Yet another example of how Political Science is a vast field that include this sort of work and interests. Yeah, that’s right–we do more than analyze election results. But, hey, that is important, too.

5. Next year, Weedonverse is at UBC in July 2012. I think I’ll be there.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s Fun Facts. And, for all the Canadians out there–Happy Canada Day!

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