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Fri Fun Fact: Managing Social Media Time

I’m at #BlogHer for the next day or so, and I think it’s appropriate to share some facts about how I manage my social media time. I’ll speak to while on a working vacation and then during the normal part of the year…

1. I read newspapers, while I have my breakfast. Real legacy papers as part of the start to my day.

2. I also read newspapers and news sites online.

3. I’m an avid Twitter user and find that most of the news is posted there first. I also read my Twitter feeds during breakfast.

4. If something is worthy of chiming in or sharing, I grab my phone or a post it (old school still works) and share it or jot it down for later.

5. I make it a point of reading papers in the city that I’m visiting. This isn’t hard in California, as I am familiar with the papers.

6. When I’m not vacationing, I start with my iPhone for news, shower, eat breakfast and read the papers ( #TimesColonist and #GlobeandMail )

7. I use two monitors at work and have one open on email and the other has Word, Twitter, and other Social Media sites. I can’t work with one monitor. Even now at a friend’s house I have my netbook and iPad open ad am using both within moments of the other. Is this multi-tasking?! Maybe.

8. I follow people on Twitter or Google Plus that I’m really interested in. I always say that we are only as smart as our own networks and I do believe it.

9. I work and then will take a stretching/body break and before I get back to work I’ll check Twitter and other sites.

10. Sometimes all of the above works and other times it doesn’t. Students will see me walking about campus with my iPhone in hand checking in to social media or FourSquare!

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