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Fri Fun Facts: How to Use the Calendar

My Fri Fun Facts is about how to use the #UVIC Calendar in the most efficient way. To get you up to speed, the Calendar includes the rules or requirements regarding your area of study at #UVIC

1. Find your major or your department and place a post it in the calendar

2. Read and highlight as needed

3. Check your courses taken with the department requirements

4. Review the list of courses offered in the department and flag the ones that you are interested in taking.

5. Verify which ones meet the stated (if any) requirements with the courses that you have taken or want to take.

6. Sketch out a realistic time frame for completing your degree program.

7. Take a look at the current schedule and understand that some courses in the calendar might not be offered by the department.

8. Be flexible (look at number 7 again).

9. Once you have this sketched out–verify your findings with the department undergraduate advisor. It’s better to be safe.

10. Have you visited Academic Advising? You should do so annually, in my opinion. Don’t wait until it’s time to apply to graduate.

11. Did you know that as a student you can designate or “make” your own minor?! Yes, you can. See your department contact for information.

These are my top ten fact for successful use of calendar. You can, of course, access the calendar online. But, with something this important–a hard copy is something that you can write on and take with you to the advising appointment. Good luck!

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