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Using Social Media in the Classroom: Quick Tips

Fri Fun Facts is dedicated to some pro-tips on the classroom. I use this term pro-tips in a tongue in cheek way.

1. What is the purpose of the social media use in the classroom? Transferable skills? Make sure that you are clear with the students about this.

2. Give the students as much direction as they need. Cheat sheets, primers in class, office hours, and your patience as you work with them.

3. Celebrate their work! Ask their permission to share it with one another. Encourage them to explore the assignments as an additional way of engaging in class work.

4. Keep organized! Stay on top of the students’ assignments and make sure that they understand the grading rubric.

3. This will offer a more hands-on approach by the instructor, but using social media in the classroom does become easier and easier.

4. Confer with other colleagues who have used social media in the classroom. Look online, via Twitter and other places for tips and information. Likewise, does your university have a teaching center that offers workshops? Contact them and find out or suggest that you run a workshop!

5. Talk with the IT or Computer Help people on your campus. You might find out about new initiatives that they are willing to support.

Have fun and get out of your comfort zone!

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