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Thanksgiving Monday

What are you thankful for in your life? On this Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada, many are thinking about great meals and time spent with family. And, we are reminded to reflect about thanks. I’d like to think about education. I’m thankful for my education and to have a place in my students’ education. I’m also thankful for the great education that my own children are afforded (OK, it’s not that affordable, but that is another post) here in Victoria.

During the last month, I have received the annual array of Facebook messages or emails from former students. These contacts share one major theme: thanks. Now, I’m not going to make this about me. Instead, I want to focus on how these former students are thinking about their university educations and how they are thankful. This puts a smile on my face for numerous reasons. One month into the school year they are reminiscing and somehow reminded that they are thankful for that education and that they miss it–warts and all (assignments/deadlines, oh my).

Well, I’m thankful for the contact. That they remember me and that they look back fondly at their time during university. But, if anything, I am also reminded that an education is a life-long process. And, we all should know that education takes place in other places than the classroom. My education cup runneth over and I feel content.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Monday

  1. Short, sweet, and absolutely correct. I’m actually having one of those Thanksgiving tv special moments where I feel I should email some of my old professors just to say hello and thanks. I can’t say I’m yet at the stage that I miss school completely since I’ve only just been released from academics, but I still do feel the major change that I’ve made as a person over the last few years, becoming more open-minded, curious, a better writer and thinker, etc. I owe that to those professors who were to me what you’ve been to your students and I’m truly thankful for my education.

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