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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I am going to do something more personal for a few blog posts about blog about breast health. That’s right, I’m going to blog about the girls, the twins, the boobies, the breasts, the chest tissue, and add to these array of euphemisms for what we call women’s breasts.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And, in the spirit of support I am going to blog about my experiences getting a Thermography Breast scan and about breast health. So, if you normally look forward to my posts about education, mentoring, the classroom, and popular culture—this goes slightly away from that. But, these few posts will also be very important. Breast health is a matter of life and death for so many.

This post is more focused on breast health and I want to shed light on a few things I learned during the last month or so.

1. You can get scar tissue from an ill fitting bra—especially underwire. I was quite surprised to find out that I have some scar tissue from my array of underwire bras. I was not aware of this, but once the technician pointed this out I could feel it and it is in the same place where the underwire hits against my chest.

2. I had scar tissue from breast feeding in one breast and did not know it. This will make mammograms and monthly digital exams very important for breast health.

3. Good bras are not always the really pretty bras. Boo, but there are great places in Victoria for good fittings and better bras for breast health.

4. Breast health is important for all women—from teenagers to women of a certain age. Oh, I mean the wise women—our mothers and grandmothers. You are never to young to begin thinking about your breast health!

5. I also found out in conversation with lots of women that we tend to forget about breast health. We are more apt to buy the Pink Ribbon item (and this is for another post) than to make sure we do our own monthly or bi-monthly breast exams.

My next post about breast health will focus on the Thermography scan that I had at Valentus Clinic in Victoria for more information about the clinic see: http://valentusclinics.com/programs-services/breast-health-program

2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Your blog was so interesting. I had no idea you could get scar tissue from underwires; it makes perfect sense though! My organization, Good Days from Chronic Disease Fund, offers financial assistance to chronic disease sufferers, including those with breast cancer, that cannot afford the medication they desperately need. To find out more about our organization, or to get involved, visit our website! http://www.gooddaysfromcdf.org

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