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Fri Fun Fact: Winding Down

Today’s Friday Fun Facts is really about winding down and my wishes for students.

1. I want you to know that I truly enjoyed both classes this term. And, hope that you enjoyed your classes.

2. Now that it’s the final exam period, it’s very important that you review your notes and the readings. You’re exhausted and I get that, but the last assignments are often the weakest. Do what you can–give it your all. Your grade is in your hands.

3. Eat, sleep, exercise and try to manage your stress. Walking around campus this week, I saw so many shoulders up to ears and exhaustion. BTDT. You must try to take care of yourself.

4. If you had a particularly good class, make sure you send off a quick email to the instructor.

5. Reflect. Think about the term and what you did well. Also, think about what you could have done better. And, in January when the new term begins, try to stick with the things you did well.

Good luck on your exams and with the final papers! Have a good holiday.

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