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Fri Fun Fact: Thinking about 2011

My Friday Fun Facts is dedicated to 2011 and thinking about the last year. This last year was filled with many great conferences and networking. What have I learned during this year.

1. To listen. I am a talker and anyone who knows me will smile broadly at this statement. I am also a good listener. One thing that I have done more in office hours is to remind students to listen. And, I have to remind myself to listen.

2. Generosity. I have met so many wonderful people who have been quite generous with their time and I am thankful for this. I also know that I do this, as well. And, will continue to do so.

3. Friendship. I have made some wonderful new friends in the last year and have had ample opportunity to meet people IRL who I first met via social media.

4. Mentoring. I have stepped up my focus on mentoring this calendar year and I do think that it’s had only positive results. I’ve always attempted to mentor, but I am more hands on now.

Overall, it’s been a fabulous year. I’m really excited for 2012.

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