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Fri Fun Facts: Advising

Today’s Fri Fun Facts is about Advising on college campuses. I want to students to remember that students should look to the various Advising offices on campus as a place to not only get questions answered, but the first step in their success.

1. Good Advising is community building.

2. Seek out advice and advising. The official university policy is on line and usually available as a hard copy. Double check the requirements, but also ask others for advice. It’s good to confer with trusted classmates and then check in with an advisor. Don’t rely merely on students or your peers, as they might not have the most recent information.

3. Check in with your advisor once per year–at the least! It’s like an oil change or bike tune up! This is your education and you need to “own it.”

4. Remember that there is the rule of thumb and the requirements. Distinguish between the two. Don’t always think of the minimum requirements. Also think about what you want to take and how your plans or dreams can change. Here is why taking a minor, honor’s, co-op (internship) or double majoring can be helpful.

These are some quick ideas about best practices or needs for advising.

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