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Seminar: Fri Fun Facts

My Fri Fun Facts offers some suggestions for an undergraduate seminar. The department that I am affiliated with instituted a seminar requirement a few years ago. In this time I have noticed that interest in the seminar varies, but one thing is common for many students: anxiety about the seminar experience. I offer some helpful hints..

1. Come to class prepared with one question (or more) that you can offer the class. You need to participate and this thoughtful question can engage you in the discussion.

2. Come to class with one comment to add or share to the discussion in the seminar. The goal is that eventually you won’t have to prepare with your comments and that you will automatically participate.

3. Talk or email the instructor if you have any anxiety about participation and maybe work  out a plan with the professor. You might ask her/him to call on you if you haven’t particpated.

4. Your query or comment is probably not dumb.

5. Stop thinking that everyone else knows more than you do. A few might, but everyone else is not more knowledgeable. They might be faking it!

Hopefully these five points will get you thinking and int he mood to participate more in your seminar!

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