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Snow White: #SWATH

Snow White and the Hunstman (Spoilers)

The new re-telling of the Snow White fairy tale moves away from the typical story: Girl needs saving and then gets married. In this version, Snow White played by Kristen Stewart has agency and can fight. She defends herself repeatedly. Due to her innocence and goodness, she has a connection to nature and animals and this helps her throughout the movie. To be blunt, Snow White kicks ass repeatedly. The best part of the story is that the movie does not end with her marrying. Well, the second best part is that the kiss that wakes her is not from another noble or a prince, instead the kiss that brings her back is from the brawny and handsome huntsman played by Chris Hemsworth.

Is this a feminist re-telling? Why, yes. The Evil Queen, Charlize Theron, is conniving and  obsessed with beauty and staying young. Her extreme lengths includes sucking the life out of women—especially young, attractive women. One group of women have gone so far to mar their faces and their daughters’ faces, so that they are no longer pretty. This protects them from the Queen. Thus, beauty is really ugly here. We see that the Queen’s obsession has made her evil incarnate. This should not be read that feminists do not appreciate beauty, but rather that the shallow want is not enough and that beauty alone does not make someone strong, virtuous or worthy of leading people. If anything, this re-imagined Snow White demonstrates that beauty is ugly and that strengths is found in other ways.

I want to see this movie again, so that I can see Kristen Stewart lead a call to arms and then get dressed in her fighting gear. She the proceeds to fight like a warrior and looks down at the Queen and says, “You can’t have my heart.” The movie ends on a strong note with Snow White proudly at the throne—alone. The camera does pan to the Huntsman who is smitten, but no priest is nearby!

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