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Student Engagement on Campus: http://www.youtube.com/user/UVicLipDub

This is worth sharing again! I am still quite proud of the campus community and what took place. This is community building!

I teach at the University of Victoria and a few weeks back students, university community members, and members of the larger community participate in the UVIC LipDubVid and it is now live at: http://www.youtube.com/user/UVicLipDub I was there with my family and we all supported the event. My youngest daughter even learned the dance. There are two clips where I can see her little mug or her head bobbing around during the video. But, this post isn’t really about her.

I want to reflect on how the video illustrates what happens when students are engaged on a university campus and pull together to get something done. The energy on the video day was exciting and it was great to see so many people on campus for several hours (if not days for the organizers). I know that we were there to support the campus community and ultimately help see the video go “viral.” This is positive for the university–good for the students and frankly good for marketing the campus. Check out the video and please share it with others.

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