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Thank you again, Twitter

This is a revised post. Initially I posted this some two years ago giving a shout out or hat tip to Twitter and tweeps. I’d like to add to it. I’ve been on Twitter for more than five years and in this time I’ve found it one of the most dynamic platforms. Sure, I loved all those Mayorships–cough, cough. Wait, I broke up with Foursquare in the Spring. Seriously, Twitter has given me the most engagement and networking opportunities.

Lately I have noticed that I have had some provocative conversations about higher education #higher ed  or #edchat, PhD programs #phdchat or #newPhD or other topics related to work. I am quite thankful to Twitter and the array of people on the twitterverse for these engaging discussions. I have learned from others and frankly, it’s nice to have conversations about things we like or dislike that help remind me of how lucky I am to work at the University of Victoria #UVIC. I have placed Twitter hashtags in the post with the hashtag symbol, #, normally this was the number symbol, but it has been reclaimed!

Some of the other tags that I’ve followed with great interest: #femlead #saturdayschool #election2012, and the various tags that I use for more courses. Each of these tags has meant connections. Getting to know people across the globe and have conversations about women leaders, history, politics, and then my great students at UVIC. The list is not exhaustive, but what I can remember on an early Monday morning. So, I raise my cup of coffee to Twitter!

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