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Back in the Saddle: Typing

I have had an extraordinary month of November. In the interest of protecting privacy (what little we all have, right?), I will say that I had a family member in the hospital for almost two weeks and things that were less important had to give. I stopped reading my emails immediately. Stopped blogging, responding to emails quickly and have to not feel a sense of dread as I attempt to catch up.

The thing that I will say is that I really missed blogging during these past few weeks. I had earmarked and started posts about the Presidential election. I still have them set as drafts, but now it feels like old news. I would like to blog about my family situation, but won’t to protect privacy. I will say this: thank you to my family and friends for providing support during a very stressful period. I have been repeatedly awash with such kindness. This also includes my colleagues and students. Many of my students sent emails that coincided with an allergic reaction of sorts, as I got all misty. I’m smiling.

The term is almost complete and I have lots to catch up on. I’m back in the saddle, again. I’m reading, er marking! And, yes, I’m wearing a cape–don’t all academics?!

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