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Ed Tech in the Classroom: Revisiting

prof aAnother school year is half way through and I am thinking of the next term.  During the last several years I have stepped up the student use of blogs, vlogs, app development and other non paper assignments in the classroom. And, I have offered Twitter as an optional place to add to the discussion or to share information.

Much like last term, the blogs varied from good to great. And, the vlogs were not only fun to watch, but I could see the students’ attempt at articulating their points verbally. For some of the students the vlog is their strong suit–talking about the materials and responding to it. Yes, some had a script that they were referring to, but that was OK. For those that used these various options, hopefully they can add a line to their resume: familiar with blogs/vlogs and app development. These Web 2.0 platforms are not going away.

I used podcasts and short videos more. These included mini-pods where I spent time explaining an assignment. This explanation or a similar one took place in lecture and the assignment’s information is also included in the syllabus. Most of the podcasts and video clips, though, were mini-lectures. These mini-lectures focused on certain aspects of the chapters or other course materials. Part of the intent was to flip the classroom and I find this easier to do with a smaller class or a more advanced class. Here I am referring to a class with less than 70 students and one that is pitched for third year students or higher.

Reviewing the student comments about technology use, it looks like I will continue to use technology in the classroom. Most of them like it, which is a good thing–since I really like it and will continue to do so. Big smile.

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