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I saw a job posting that noted that a strong candidate would want to fail miserably. I don’t have that link, but honestly I think that I have done that recently by taking some chances with my courses. And, guess what? I am fine with it. I am willing to take risks and have it fail. Fail miserably. It is a learnable moment. Sure, I often note the importance of a teachable moment; however, when I have failed miserably with a course I am learning. It is important to push boundaries and push myself.

My happy place is to push my students. But, recently I have pushed and failed. I have failed with books that my students did not like at all or assignments that did not work well. I held office hours in the last week and was a bit surprised to hear that the students liked the assignment. I am not convinced that it was a resounding success, though. Either way, I will have at it again with the next class.

3769283867_01c3214399 image is via Chris Griffith

2 thoughts on “Failing

  1. Great article! So, perhaps the job note was referring to, the importance of having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.Developed by Caroline Dwerk.In fact, A growthmindset,would consider that: failing is part of success. hence we must learn from our mistakes, in order to grow.
    Besides, they put a huge emphasis on the process rather than the result.As a result, a” strong ” means serious or simply worth hiring. .in my opinion. Because he will fulfill all the requirements and especially this ability to be as a phoenix resilient, courageous and perseverent enough to handle each issue as a challenge!! turning into an opportunity to grow ;rather than an end or and a way to make excuses and give up easily. Additionally, it is reminiscent of the phrase “when you loose don’t loose the lesson ” which encourages us to be a lifelong learner. ..as your article perfectly examplifies.

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