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Radical Self-Care

I practiced yoga with a new instructor and she wore a shirt that read “radical self-care” and it positively affected my practice. The ability to take care of oneself is often viewed as a luxury or even unnecessary. Self-care is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. And, at times self-care seems antithetical to academe. There is always another paper to read, write, or a meeting to attend. The vagaries of an academic life means that we often do not leave the office. Wait, maybe some do, but the rest of us do not do this well. 

Radical self-care means not apologizing for leaving work early. 

Radical self-care means that taking time to get better from an illness is acceptable. 

Radical self-care means setting boundaries. 

Radical self-care means that you don’t have to do everything. 

5 thoughts on “Radical Self-Care

  1. Wow this is exactly what I needed, struggling with an illness with a need to rest but a desire to do more and today i ve stepped into my pain and faced this diagnosis even though it was the hardest to do and now comes the winter of our discontent would have Said richard the third in Shakespeare’s eponimous play no seriously i struggle sooo much with it and have always put others first but now i come to term with this idea though it hurts.Thanks for this amazing topic!

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