Thinking about the Term: Fri Fun Facts

The term just ended and it’s fresh in my mind. For students, staff, and faculty this is the best time to think about how the term ended. What can you do to make the next term better? And, more importantly what did you do well that you need to do again?

  1. I keep track of my emails and hold on to them for more than a year. I do this to protect myself and the students. I will continue to do this
  2. I had students blog in my seminars and I will continue to offer this as an assignment. The student blogs were good to strong.
  3. I did something different this school year and I had separated my office hours between my advanced class (the seminar) and my first year course. The seminar students enjoy having their own slated consultation time. I will continue to do this.
  4. I allowed one Teaching Assistant to run a series of writing workshops and I think that was a great use of his hours. The first session was small, but the next two included lots of students and they gave me positive feedback.
  5. There are instances when I photocopy work that gives me or the Teaching Assistant pause. I photocopied some work this time, but will take special care to to photocopy any work that requires “strict scrutiny.”

Overall, it was a great term and I look forward to Summer School.