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Social Media Camp Victoria: Part II

One of the things that I didn’t share in my short post about the Social Media Camp Victoria #SMCV10 was all the great connections that I made. I attended the day’s events, went to lunch with a “superstar,” attended and participated in a round-table on higher ed, and moderated a panel. I also saw contacts at the event, made new friends, and left with an overall sense that I had spent the day with “my people.”

Yes, I spent the day with other like-minded people who are using social media to engage. I am not trying to sell anything. I am all about engagement online. And, I am happy to say that I made some new friends at the #SMCV10. Here I am some 9 days later and I am still reaping the benefits of the event. I saw some former students at the event and even heard from a current one that she attended the event. I really look forward to the next Social Media Camp in Victoria.

However, I know that based on the new connections that I won’t have to wait to connect. I was lucky enough to attend a coffee meet up organized by @SusanJones at Habit Coffee in Victoria (#yyj) last week. There were five of us in attendance and we pretty much chatted up #SCMV10 and our assessment of the event. It was polite, instructive, and pleasant. I know that I have new contacts and in this case friends in town. Part of the larger mission of UVIC is to make more connections in the community and I am really lucky that my interests in social media provides me an easy way of being involved in the community and represent UVIC, as needed.

Next year at #SMCV11, there will definitely be a panel on Social Media and Higher Education. Well, I am assuming that whatever I pitch will make the cut! Until then–catch you on Twitter.

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