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Catching Students

A few times a month, I am a guest blogger on  Equality 101. I recently posted a blog about Catching Students: http://equality101.net/?p=2061

I often post blogs that offer me the opportunity to think critically about my pedagogy in the classroom. As the entry notes, I was a Reader at one of the Advanced Placement exam sites last year. And, recently grading assignments reminded me that sometimes you can give your “A” game to students every day and some of them just are not interested. The class is an elective or is something that they are just “phoning in.” The good news is that with lots of students they will remember the material or get “caught” the next term. My class is one in the series and I hope that a lecture, article, discussion or an assignment interests them.

But, alas, it’s not always going to happen. I don’t blame them for this, and I cannot blame myself. I am only one part of the equation. Like me, they have lives outside of my classroom. But, I will show up everyday and continue to try and catch as many as I can!

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