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Graduation Ceremonies

Yesterday I attended my third or fourth graduation ceremony at my workplace. I was part of the faculty procession. My motivation for attending the event is really about the students. I enjoy supporting them on this day of closure and celebration. It is also really great to shake hands, give hugs, and meet parents. While I sit on the stage with the other faculty and distinguished guests, I think about each student who walks by. I do have memories of each.

Some of the memories vary from: quite student, studious student, great sense of humor, slacker, to this is just the first of many graduations for this student. This year for whatever reason there were lots of faculty in the procession. There have been previous years when the Dean has had to send out one of those emails reminding us to participate.

I was also privileged to be in the audience when special degrees were awarded to Dr. Lorna Marsden. Where to begin. She is definitely a feminist advocate to women’s rights in Canada. Her list of accomplishments and awards are many. She is an academic, feminist, former Member of Parliament, and all around jill-of-all-trades. I cannot think of another American woman who is similar, but nonetheless, I am hopeful that Marsden’s attendance at the event will spur similar activism and ambition in our new graduates. I did hear one mother tell her daughter, you might be the next Marsden!

I look forward to the June graduation ceremonies.

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