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Office Hour Hints

These last two weeks I have held more office hours in order to help meet student demand. Assignment due dates are coming up and there are more questions. I have a few words of advice for students coming to office hours.

1. Come with paper to write on and a pencil or pen to write with.

2. Bring your course folder or at the very least your course syllabus.

3. If you have questions about a graded assignment, please bring the assignment with you.

4. If you haven’t read the syllabus, please don’t tell me that! Review it before you enter my office.

5. Be prepared to wait. The wait might be 2 minutes for 20. I never turn away students and my office hours regularly go 10-20 minutes over the scheduled time.

6. Understand that you will have my undivided attention and that even if there is a line up–I will not rush you.

7. Remember that faculty and teaching assistants must hold office hours–we get paid to do this, so please don’t think that somehow you are inconveniencing me. I am here to help.

8. Breathe. I know that the first time you’re in my office–it might be a little intimidating.

9. Please remember that most of your profs have as many as 300 students in a term and have administrative duties. We aren’t inflexible when it comes to meeting to you–just really busy.

I think the above 9 points sum up the things I was thinking of during the last two weeks.

Prof. A

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