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Thinking about My Reflections for the Year

I just posted a blog post on http://www.equality101.net http://equality101.net/?p=2484#more-2484. My post is about reflecting on the term. And, I realized that there is more that I would like to say. Some of my best memories this term were during my office hours:

when students discussed or came to the decision that they wanted to major in Political Science

when students realized what the main point of a reading was or made connections to other readings

when students realized that their mark was fair

when students left my office and noted that they felt better about their academic career (the class or progress in the major)

Overall, there were countless positive moments during my office hours. I actually do look forward to the office hours. I find these precious moments allow me an opportunity to listen and mentor. I’ve previously discussed office hours and know that they continue as an important part of my “face” time with students.

Another important point to this semester was knowing when to ask for help from the Chair of the department of other offices on campus. The Chair and colleagues across campus have been supportive in different, albeit interesting situations. I do believe that during this lucky 13th year of teaching I have seen it all. I’m lucky to work at a great institution and have made friends with colleagues across departments and offices.

Honestly, what a term! Can’t wait (well, I do need the break) for the next one!

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