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Support Local Businesses

I have been thinking lots about the Victoria (#yyj) Twitter Hashtag #localbizfirst. We were in Costco the other day and I walked quickly past the books. I can certainly download books to my #Kindle or go to the library. But, I had looked at the #YaLit books and knew that I have some stuff on hold at a local, children’s bookstore, Tall Tales Books. I am trying to frequent local businesses for meals and other things. It’s really hard to do so for some things. There is nothing like going into a shop and knowing the owners and having a quick conversation about books, coffee, or politics.

But, I will give my plug for putting my money into local businesses and the local economy. This post might be too late for Christmas shopping, but think about where you will spend your Boxing Day money. Better yet, make a resolution to shop locally in 2011!


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