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Making a Difference

Last week was one of those weeks when I heard from four different former students. Two contacted me via Facebook and another I spoke to face to face. They all shared common sentiments–my class and the course materials made a difference. Previously, I’ve blogged or tweeted about these sorts of contacts. And, I have to say, I never get tired of the messages, emails or cards. It’s not about narcissism–no it’s really about the fact that feminism sometimes “ferments” and the student “gets” what I said or a reading finally makes sense during lecture, a month later, or 3 years later. The things that they remember are amazing, too.

I know that most instructors have days that we leave the classroom and we’ve owned it–we’ve rocked it. And, then there are other classes and you leave feeling  a little dejected. Things didn’t go as planned. These three students reminded me that for some of them the consequences of the class are there, but something happens to inspire them or remind them about the discussion. I am glad to know that I am making a difference in students’ lives–academically and personally.

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