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Community Engagement

I am on the list of speakers or experts on the UVic Speaker’s Bureau brochure for this year. I have already given numerous talks to different organizations or schools around the greater Victoria area. I have to say that these talks have been a real blessing. It’s fun to get out in the community and chat about my areas of interest to people who are generally interested in hearing about them. Not having to lecture based on a evaluating the audience (students) is liberating. Had I realized how much fun this would be, I would have signed up earlier!

I really want to encourage my friends and colleagues to seriously think about joining the Speaker’s Bureau or getting more involved in their specific neighborhood groups and talking to schools, civic organizations, seniors or others who are interested in their topic. Academics by nature are a smart group and we live in our little academic silos away from one another. I’ve found the increased community engagement a positive reminder of how important it is for me to give back to the community. And, if this means an hour talk discussing: 2019 Mid-Term Elections, Obamamania, the connections between politics and YA Lit, or Twilight, then sign me up.

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