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Friday Facts

A friend’s blog post made me realize that it was time for me to share some information. Random musings and I’ll post this occasionally on a Friday.

Today’s Friday Facts are about me:

1. I’m a Cancer–yes, a crab. Some days it really fits.

2. I’m the oldest of five.

3. I cannot stand the smell of fish and do not eat fish.

4. I can’t tolerate gluten and dairy, but I occasionally eat them and pay a price.

5. I’ve been vegan before and am currently mostly vegetarian.

6. I have two Calico cats–Arwen and Hermione. Yes, one is names for a character in Lord of the Rings and the other from Harry Potter.

7. I am scared to death and fascinated by the reanimated dead–yes, zombies. Cringes.

8. I almost always have nuts in my bag or in my car. Good source of fast protein to even blood sugar.

9. Almost everyday I miss my family in California and the good weather.

10. I love to read–books, magazines, you name it. I always have reading material on me, in my car or in different locations around my house.

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