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Fri Fun Facts from the US

As you know I am an ex-pat living in Canada. I get back to the US a few times a year. And, I am in the US now. I’m focusing today’s post about the US or more specifically San Diego. I’m at San Diego Comic Con #SDCC11.

1. One of my favorite things about San Diego is the memories from all the years of living here during university and after. Both my daughters were born in San Diego (well, actually La Jolla) and the same doctor attended their births. Que awwww.

2. The weather. San Diego has a temperate but warm climate. San Diego also does not have the smog that the great Los Angeles basin, Riverside, or San Bernardino counties have.

3. San Diego still maintains a smaller city feel even though its population exceeds  3.1 million people. It’s a good-sized city with lots of different neighborhood offering something for everyone.

4. San Diego hosts Comic Con each year. Isn’t that a great reason to love the city?!

5. San Diego is a tourist town. There are lots of things to do: Sea World, Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Lego Land, Balboa Park, the ocean and different beaches, great Aztec games (I am a two-time alum from State), eateries, baseball Go, Padres, and countless other outdoor activities.

6. Thanks to the universities there are lots of centers and choices for students. San Diego State, University of San Diego, UC San Diego, as well as CSU San Marcos and Point Loma.

I could continue, but I don’t want to gloat. It’s great to be back in San Diego.

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