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Music to My Eyes: Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

Where to begin with Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult?! First of all, I will freely admit that I love reading her books. I haven’t read all of her books. I’ve read many of them and have eaten them up.  I find that I read her books in one or two sittings, as they are gripping stories. She’s like the Dick Wolf of books—her stories are ripped from the headlines. This book is no different. Spoiler alerts.

The pregnant protagonist really wants to have a baby and is devastated when she suffers yet another loss. This time around though pregnancy was later and her husband can’t take the possibility of another attempt and walks out.

The aftermath of their marriage is where things get very interesting. She throws herself into her work as a Music Therapist and he moves in with his wealthy, born again older brother. You see where this is going. He finds Jesus and becomes a born again Christian himself.

I feel like I have already given away so much of the plot, but I did say Spoiler Alert. The protagonist ends up falling in love with another woman. They marry in a different  state, where it is legal to do so. And, then decide that they want to have a child and this is where we see different  political and religious points of view become more evident. Ultimately, this book touches on some of the most hotly contested views in the US—even if the latest Atlantic notes that “Gay is the new normal.” I don’t agree with this, as I do think that we have witnessed the complete rights for the LGBTQ community.

I’m actually very interested to read how the LGBTQ community has responded to this book. I need to Google this and see what the word on the e-street is about this book. I do know that I’ve chatted up this book enough to a good friend that she begged me for my copy!

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