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Welcome Back to the New Year: To A Great Year

Welcome back to the new school year. During the last two weeks, I shared a post about wishing students well. Today’s post is about wishing me a good year. What am I looking forward to during this upcoming term and school year?
It’s the same thing: I want my classes to run smoothly and for the students to hone their critical thinking skills. I want them to understand how diverse Political Science really is as a discipline. They will see this in my courses—through the lectures, readings, and conversations.

I want students in my office hours to leave feeling that their questions were answered and they were listened to by me. I might not give them the answer that they want to hear, but I will always be honest with them about their marks, requirements to graduate and other pertinent information.

I have high hopes for my first year as the Chair of the Academic Women’s
Caucus. After consulting with colleagues over at UVIC Communications, I have a really good idea about my self-imposed mandate to help women faculty raise their profile in their departments, on campus, and in the larger community. Part of this will include a few workshops this year. I’m particularly happy to have a great set of women to work with on the AWC Steering Committee and to have a more than competent work-study student.

As usual, I look forward to my participation on campus in the community as an ambassador of sorts for the department in my official and unofficial capacity as a faculty member and community member invested in UVIC and the greater Victoria region.

I do think that this means that it’s business as usual. And, this is not a bad thing when you really, really love your job, have a great family and network of friends. A common refrain in my household is: Life is Good. It is. To a great year!

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