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Fri Fun Facts: Student Protocol

For my Fri Fun Facts, I want to speak to student protocol. I include a section in my syllabi about student protocol in the classroom, office, and communication (email, FB, Twitter, etc). The first point I should acknowledge is that I think it’s important to learn students’ names. I want them to know that they are more than student identification number in the class. And, frankly, I like calling them by their first name, when they raise their hand or saying hi to them on campus. They are part of the community.

I do have expectations for their interactions and will bullet point some of the points here.

1. Please come to class on time. It’s distracting when a stream of students enters the classroom or lecture hall late.

2. Don’t talk during lecture or presentations. Raise your hand if you want to share something, but your chatter distracts your peers around you and me. I will zero in on the conversation and first wonder if my zipper is down. Then, I wonder if I wasn’t clear and suddenly I am not paying attention to the subject at matter. You get the hint.

3. Treat email or non face to face communication with me in the same manner that you would act/talk during office hours. When you send a note, please address me and sign your name. Remember that I have several hundred students and advisees.

4. Come to class prepared. This means that you should do the reading.

5. Review the syllabus at the start and end of the week, so that you know where we are and when assignments are do. If you email me and the answer is on the syllabus, please note that I will re-direct you back to the syllabus.

6. Remember that you are an adult and you are responsible for noting deadlines/due dates and being responsible for yourself.

7. Be polite to your peers in the classroom. Occasionally you might disagree with a statement. Don’t attack the student. Try to discuss the issue at hand.

8. Respect office hours. If you catch me in the hallway with a question about your mark or the material, this is appropriate for the time I’ve slated for office hours. I might be on my way to a meeting (I have lots of these) and will suggest we meet during office hours.

9. Respect my time. Coming to office hours 10-30 minutes ahead of time is not appropriate. It might be my lunch time or the time that I’ve slated to prep for class. I’m always amenable to staying after office hours, but my door will open on the hour for the office hours.

10. Email me and you’ll always get a response within 24 hours. As a matter of face, often considerably faster than that. Please do me the courtesy back and respond within 24-36 hours, if a response was needed.

11. Remember that I’m here to help as your professor and one of the Undergrad Advisors.

12. Always be more formal and refer to your instructors by their last name–until they suggest otherwise. I prefer Prof. A, but Dr. Aragon or Prof. Aragon is fine.

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