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Vacation Thoughts: Do Things You Enjoy

What do you do that you enjoy? People will often say, “My guilty pleasure is a trashy novel.” Replace novel with the name of a television show or magazine for others. I’m on a vacation from teaching and advising, but am researching and writing. And, thinking about what I enjoy or what helps me feel grounded.

1. Sleep. I need a good six to seven during the school year, but during vacation I might get eight. Eight.

2. Exercise. I have chronic back and neck issues thanks to some car accidents. (Rear-ended or t-boned). I need to exercise to keep myself healthy and happy.

3. Family. I have two kids and a partner. I love them dearly most days and want to spend time with them. I’m melting with love as I think of their smiling faces.

4. Yoga. I am a Type A person and yoga helps me relax and loosens up my attitude and body. I have found that I prefer a warm room for yoga and have moved to Moksha or the occasional Bikram’s class.

5. Reading. If I am not getting any fun reading in, I get grumpy. I have several books on the go usually and enjoy many genres.

6. Outdoors. I need fresh air and must get outdoors some. This is easier during the Summer in the Pacific Northwest, but I’m going on year two of not complaining about the rain as much as I used to and it’s working. I like the outdoors when it’s a little wet, too!

What are five or six things that you like to do? This can be during your vacation or just in general. I’m trying to do these six things lots as I slow down during my vacation.

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